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Computer Science Department
University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C.
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Theory of computing: logic in computer science, foundations of security, cryptography, computational complexity, verification

    Because the true perfection of a practical occupation consists not only in knowing the actual performance of the occupation but also in its explanation, why the work is done a in a particular way, and because the art of calculating is a practical occupation, it is clear that it is pertinent to concern oneself with the theory.
Levi ben Gershom, Maase Hoshev (The Work of The Reckoner), 1321

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    • Wanda Boyer
    • Wai-han Chiu
    • Erkan Ersan
    • Chelsey Foster
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    • Brent Knight
    • Georgi Kostadinov
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    • Warren Shenkenfelder
    • Nicholas Vining
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    • Ariel Webster
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