ARMSim# version 2.1

ARMSim# version 2.1 for Windows

ARMSim# version 2.1 for Linux

The files and installation instructions for use on Linux are provided here.

Additional Materials for Windows or Linux

Support for C Library Access

ARMSim# Documentation Files

Other Documentation

Example Programs

Note that the Usefulfunctions.s member of the zipfile is meant to given to people learning the assembly language. The ARM assembly language equivalent of a C/C++ program can be obtained by running the gcc compiler as a cross-compiler. Such a cross-compiler is included as a component of the Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench (the edition for the ARM EABI), or there is one on-line at this URL:
On this website, select Compiler=ARM gcc 4.6.3 and supply the compiler options
     -mcpu=arm7tdmi-s -mfpu=vfp


  1. The source code for ARMSim# is currently available on request under the terms of the Gnu Public License (GPL). We plan to publish the code via GitHub in the near future.
  2. Currently, ARMSim# does not run on Mac OS X. (We are still trying.)
  3. Bug reports can be emailed to Nigel Horspool (nigelh AT Please attach the source code file(s) which exhibit the problem and describe the problem. If appropriate, also list the steps needed to reproduce the problem. Please do not expect fast bug fixes, and please do not expect any help with ARM assembly language programming.