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* BCNET Broadband Innovation Challenge

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* Experience of participation in Year 2008

- Yasser Haji Valizadeh, UVic student

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BCNET Announcement



Enter the 2010 BCNET Broadband Innovation Challenge. Earn up to $8,000 in awards and promote your technology project to industry, academia and government.

If you have created a unique computer application that relies on high-bandwidth networks, you may be qualified to enter the BCNET Broadband Innovation Challenge. Our goal is to showcase student innovation that utilizes broadband networks. We will award you with money and publicize your projects to industry, government and academia. In past years, we have awarded students with thousands of dollars for individual and group submissions.

To learn more, visit the 2010 Broadband Challenge Wiki. The wiki will answer all of your questions about qualifying, competition rules, awards, and applications forms.

Intention to Apply Deadline: March 01, 2010

Applications Deadline: March 15, 2010

How do I qualify?

You must be a full-time or part-time higher education student within the province of B.C. and be able to demonstrate that your computer application has the following attributes:

·         Technological innovation

·         Community or commercialization potential

·         Uses super broadband (high- speed) networks

How do I apply?

·         First: You need to qualify by submitting the Intentions to Apply form   The deadline is March 01, 2010. It will be reviewed by the Adjudication Committee to ensure that your project qualifies for the competition.

·         Second: Once you have been approved, you will be contacted to move your competition application forward. The deadline for the Broadband Challenge Application is March 15, 2010.

·         See last year’s winners, here and view their presentation video.

For more information about BCNET and our competition, visit our wiki site. If you have questions, contact info@bc.net or call us at 604-822-1348. 


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