CSc 360: Operating Systems

Spring 2010 Lectures (A01/A02)

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WeekDatesTopics (tentative)Required reading (OSC 7th Ed)
1Jan 5/6/8Intro/Review/OverviewCh1/2 (except 1.9-1.12 and 2.8-2.10)
2Jan 12/13/15Interfaces/Structures/ProcessesCh3
3Jan 19/20/22Operations/IPC/ThreadsCh3/4
4Jan 26/27/29pThread/MutexCh3/4
5Feb 2/3/5Scheduling/Algorithms/MoreCh5 (except 5.7)
6Feb 9/10/12Synchronization/SemaphoresCh6 (except 6.9)
7Feb 16/17/19Reading Break (No Lectures and No Lab)
8Feb 23/24/26Midterm/Monitors
9Mar 2/3/5Deadlocks/FilesystemsCh7
10Mar 9/10/12Design/Implementation/MemoryCh11 (except 11.9 and 11.10)/Ch8
11Mar 16/17/19Memory Allocation/Paging/SegmentationCh8
12Mar 23/24/26Virtual Memory/Page Replacement/AllocationCh9/10
13Mar 30/31/Apr 2Mass Storage/I/O Systems/Good Friday (No Lecture and No Lab)
14Apr 6/7Review
Slides artwork credits: Silberschatz&Galvin&Gagne, Tanenbaum, and many others.

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