CSc 361: Computer Communications and Networks

Fall 2014 Lectures

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WeekDatesTopics (tentative)Required Reading/Notes
1Sept 3/5Intro/OverviewCh 1
2Sept 9/10/12Access/Backbone NetworksCo-Op info
3Sept 16/17/19Client/Server/Web/HTTPCh 2 (except 2.6)
4Sept 23/24/26HTTP/DNS
5Sept 30/Oct 1/3UDP/TCPCh 3
6Oct 7/8/10Connection Management/Flow Control
7Oct 14/15/17Midterm/Error Control
8Oct 21/22/24Congestion Control/What's New? (HTTP/TCP)
9Oct 28/29/31IPCh 4 (except 4.3 and 4.7)
10Nov 4/5/7Routing Algorithms/Protocols
11Nov 14Link LayerCh 5 (except 5.7 and 5.8)
12Nov 18/19/21Link Protocols/MACSection 6.3
13Nov 25/26/28WiFi/Interworking/Review
14Dec 2/3/Midterm
Slides artwork credits:
Kurose&Ross, Tanenbaum, and many others.

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