CSc 461/561: Multimedia Systems

Spring 2006 Lectures

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1-/Jan 4/6-/Introduction/Overview
2Jan 10/11/13Multimedia Representation: Audio/Image/Video
3Jan 17/18/20Multimedia Compression: Lossless/Lossy
4Jan 24/25/27Audio/Image/Video
5Jan 31/Feb 1/3Assignment 1/MPEG/Topic
6Feb 7/8/10Multimedia Communication: TCP/IP/Multimedia/Multicast
7Feb 14/15/17Multicast/Assignment 2/Review, RTP
8-/-/-no lecture, see suggested readings belowreading break
9Feb 28/Mar 1/3Midterm/RTP/SIP
10Mar 7/8/10Midterm*/QoS/Congestion* discussion
11Mar 14/15/17Error/CDN/Streaming
12Mar 21/22/24Streaming
13Mar 28/29/31student presentation week
14Apr 4/5/7Assignment 3/P2P
Slides artwork credits:
Kurose&Ross, Li&Drew, Liu, Shoja.

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