CSc 466/579: Advanced Computer Networks:
Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networking

Fall 2013 Lectures (A01)

lectures - projects - discussion

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Course Outline: CSC466 and CSC579

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Lectures and Slides

WeekDatesTopics (tentative)Required Reading/Notes
1Sept 4/6Intro/Internet Design[CK74],[SRC84],[Cla88]
2Sept 10/11/13Design/Architectures[She95],[FG01],[SAZSS04]
3Sept 17/18/20Architecture Extensions/Project Ideas
4Sept 24/25/27Overlays and DHTs[ABKM01],[SMKKB01]
5Oct 1/2/4Unstructured Overlays[RFHKS01],[CRBLS03]
6Oct 8/9/11Swarms/BitTorrent[QS04]
7Oct 15/16/18VoIP/Midterm[BS06]
8Oct 22/23/25Skype/Reading Presentation (RP)[CRSZ01]
9Oct 29/30/Nov 1Video/Streaming/RP
10Nov 5/6/8Streaming/RP
11Nov 15P2PTV/RP
12Nov 19/20/22P2PVoD/RP
13Nov 26/27/29New trends/RP
14Dec 3/4Project Presentations/Demo
Slides artwork credits:
Kurose&Ross, Tanenbaum, and many others.

Student Projects and Presentations

  • Gabriel&Abdulaziz: clearing the air in cloud security
  • Heidar: mesh networked IRCd
  • Ian: P2P version control
  • Alastair&Simon&Alexander: serverless P2P docs
  • Asem: Botnet identification in P2P networks
  • Junnan&Ali: Media Streaming Network System
  • Mark: storm gaming
  • Siamark&Stephen: tsunami early warning system
  • Lucas: executable Physics in cloud (EPIC)
  • Jelle: jam buddy
  • Aminah: P2P collaborative forum
  • Min&Evian&Sam: distributed trust network

Reading Lists

  • tentative
  • reading group
    • group A: Gabriel, Alexander, Sam, Abdulaziz, Asem, Lucas
    • group B: Heidar, Junnan, Jelle, Ian, Ali, Amina, Stephen
    • group C: Alastair, Mark, Min, Simon, Siamak, Evian
  • reading guideline and templates (TXT and TeX)
  • reading presentation
    • Oct 25: Gabriel, Alexander, Sam
    • Nov 1: Abdulaziz, Asem, Lucas
    • Nov 8: Heidar, Junnan, Jelle
    • Nov 15: Ian, Ali, Amina
    • Nov 22: Alastair, Mark, Min
    • Nov 29: Simon, Siamak, Evian

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