CSc 466/579: Advanced Computer Networks:
Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networking

Spring 2011 Lectures (A01)

lectures - projects - discussion

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Course Outline: CSC466 and CSC579

Course Announcements

Lectures and Slides

WeekDatesTopics (tentative)Required Reading/Notes
1Jan 6Intro[CK74], [SRC84], [Cla88]
2Jan 10/13Internet Design
3Jan 17/20New Architectures/Overlay Networks[ABKM01], [SMKKB01]
4Jan 24/27DHT[RFHKS01]
5Jan 31/Feb 3Unstructured[CRBLS03]
6Feb 7/10Swarm/BitTorrent; I (advocate: A; critic: B; discuss: C); II (a: B; c: C; d: A)[QS04]; I: [Multi-Torrent]; II: [BitTyrant]
7Feb 14/17VoIP/Skype; I (a: C; c: A; d: B); II (a: A; c: B; d: C)[BS06]; I: [Quantifying]; II: [Detecting]
8Feb 21/24Reading break, no lectures
9Feb 28/Mar 3Video/ESM; I (a: B; critic: C; discuss: A); II (a: C; c: A; d: B)[CRSZ01]; I: [ZigZag]; II: [SplitStream]
10Mar 7/10Streaming/CoolStreaming; I (a: A; c: B; d: C); II (a: B; c: C; d: A)[ZLLY05]; I: [GridMedia]; II: [mTreebone]
11Mar 14/17P2PTV; I (a: C other than Alexander; c: A; d: B); II (a: A other than Thomas; c: B; d: C)[HLLLR07]; I: [UUSee]; II: [LiveSky]
12Mar 21/24P2PVoD; I (a: B; c: C; d: A); II (a: C; c: A; d: B)[HFCLH08]; I: [GridCast]; II: [Joost]
13Mar 28/31Reading/Project PresentationsAlexander: [FS2You]; Thomas [AmazingStore]
Slides artwork credits:
Kurose&Ross, Tanenbaum, and many others.

Student Projects and Presentations

  • Maryam: Channel Assignment in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Ron: YaKit: a Locality-aware Voice Messenger using the iCon Overlay
  • Doug and Kristian: A Distributed Ray Tracing System
  • Dean: Project Moped: using P2P to extend CDN to Mobile Users
  • Jamie: A DHT-based Multi-Projector Display System
  • Erik, Andrew and Tom: Voice Messenger Services
  • Xuan: Proportional Fairness Scheduling in SPC-aided Wireless Networks
  • Alex: A BitTorrent-based Ad System on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Min: Scalable Video Coding and Network Coding for P2P VoD Systems
  • Ricky and Leo: Audio Streaming from Cloud Storage
  • Cheng: Online Paid Posters
  • Lei Zhang: P2P Traffic Identification on Transport Layer
  • Lei Zheng: Random Access in Wireless Networks
  • Bassam: RSync with SCTP
  • Scott: iPhone WebCam

Reading Lists

  • tentative
  • reading group (reading summary due on Wednesday of each week)
    • A: Xuan*, Bassam*, Cheng+, Dean+, Andrew, Scott, Thomas
    • B: Maryam*, Lei Zheng*, Erik+, Douglas, Ricky, Yunlong, Jingjing
    • C: Ron*, Min*, Jamie+, Lei Zhang+, Kristian, Shaoyan, Alexander
  • reading presentation (20 minutes talk + 5 minutes Q&A each)
    • Feb 10: Cheng (multi-torrent); Erik (bittyrant)
    • Feb 17: Jamie (quantifying); Dean (detecting); Maryam (survey)
    • Mar 3: Douglas (zigzag); Lei Zhang (splitstream); Xuan (survey)
    • Mar 10: Andrew (gridmedia); Ricky (mtreebone); Ron (survey)
    • Mar 17: Kristian (uusee); Scott (livesky); Lei Zheng (survey)
    • Mar 24: Yunlong (gridcast); Shaoyan (joost); Bassam (survey)
    • Mar 28: Alexander (fs2you); Thomas (amazingstore); Min (survey)

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