CSc 466/579: Advanced Computer Networks:
Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networking

Spring 2013 Lectures (A01)

lectures - projects - discussion

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Course Outline: CSC466 and CSC579

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Lectures and Slides

WeekDatesTopics (tentative)Required Reading/Notes
1Jan 4Intro
2Jan 8/9/11Internet Design/Architectures[CK74],[SRC84],[Cla88]
3Jan 15/16/18Architectures and Evolvement[She95],[FG01],[SAZSS04]
4Jan 22/23/25Overlays and DHTs[ABKM01],[SMKKB01]
5Jan 29/30/Feb 1Unstructured Overlays[RFHKS01],[CRBLS03]
6Feb 5/6/8Swarms/BitTorrent[QS04]
7Feb 12/13/15VoIP/Skype/Reading Presentation (RP)[BS06],[Quantifying],[Revealing]
8Feb 19/20/22Reading break (no lectures)
9Feb 26/27/Mar 1Midterm/Video/RP[CRSZ01]
10Mar 5/6/8Video/Streaming/RP[ZigZag],[SplitStream]
11Mar 12/13/15Streaming/RP[ZLLY05],[GridMedia],[mTreebone]
12Mar 19/20/22P2PTV/RP[HLLLR07],[UUSee],[LiveSky]
13Mar 26/27P2PVoD/RP[HFCLH08],[GridCast],[Joost]
14Apr 2/3/5Project Presentations
Slides artwork credits:
Kurose&Ross, Tanenbaum, and many others.

Student Projects and Presentations

  • Apr 2:
    • Boyang: routing in opportunistic networks
    • Fei: PRI-MAC for wireless sensor networks
  • Apr 3:
    • Sean: Test automation cloud (TAC)
    • Gordon, John: LocoBoard
    • Fred: FredTorrent
  • Apr 5:
    • Arthur, Paul: Authenticated NAT hole-punching
    • Ethan: Vecna
    • Cale: Analyzing the role of P2P networks in Bitcoin

Reading Lists

  • tentative
  • reading group
    • group A: Boyang, Paul, Cale, Ali, John, Arthur, (Ilijc), (Nathan)
    • group B: Fei, Sean, Gordon, Nick, Fred, Ethan, (Haoyuan), (Tianming)
  • reading presentation
    • Feb 15:
      • Boyang: Quantifying Skype user satisfaction
      • Fei: Revealing skype traffic: when randomness plays with you
    • Mar 1: Sean [CRSZ01]
    • Mar 8: Cale [ZigZag], Gordon [SplitStream]
    • Mar 15: Tianming [GridMedia], Nick [mTreebone]
    • Mar 22: John [UUSee], Fred [LiveSky]
    • Mar 27: Arthur [GridCast], Ethan [Joost]

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