CSc 485B/586B, SEng 480B: Advanced Computer Networks

Summer 2007 Lectures

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WeekDatesTopicsRequired Reading
1May 7/9Introduction/Internet[CK74], [SRC84], [Cla88]
2May 14/16Internet 2/Network Achitectures[She95], [CWRB02]; A: [FG01], [SAZSS04]
3May 23RON/ChordB: [ABKM01], [SMKKB01]
4May 28/30CAN/Pastry/GnutellaC: [RFHKS01], [RD01]; A: [CRBLS03]
5Jun 4/6BitTorrent/SkypeB: [QS04]; C: [BS06]
6Jun 11/13TCPCC/VegasA: [JK88]; B: [BOP94]
7Jun 18/20TCP-Friendly/Large-BDPC: [PFTK98]; A: [KDR02]
8Jun 25/27Routing/BGPB: [KZ90]; C: [LMJ97]
9Jul 4BGPA: [GR00]
10Jul 9/11Queuing/QoSB: [CSZ92]; C: [SSZ98]
11Jul 16/18Network Characterization/TopologyA: [FFF99]; B, C: [LAWD04]
12Jul 23/25Guest lecture/Project Presentation
13Jul 30/Aug 1Project Presentation
Slides artwork credits:
Kurose&Ross, Tanenbaum, and many others.

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