CSc 591: Networking Fundamentals

Spring 2007 Graduate Directed Study

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Course Outline

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Lectures and Slides

1Jan 4Introduction, course organization, network architectures
2Jan 11WLAN media access control
3Jan 18TCP congestion control
4Jan 25Packet scheduling
5Feb 1Deer Li: CSFQ
6Feb 8Fengdan Wan: IntServ/DiffServ
7Feb 15Emad Soroush: Network Calculus
8Feb 22reading break
9Mar 1Dandan Huang: Ad Hoc Routing
10Mar 8Yueh-Hua Lee: Network Coding
11Mar 15Emad Shihab: WPAN MAC
12Mar 22Ruonan Zhang: Channel Modeling
13Course Projects
14Apr 5Course Project Meetings
15Course Projects
16Apr 16/20Course Project Presentation/Report

Assignments and Marks

Reading list (tentative)

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