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Hello, and welcome to my home page which, of course, is perpetually under construction. This is one of the few home pages that's actually been around since 1995; please excuse its dated appearance. Below you will find, among other things, some of my papers, some websites I built, some chapters from the book I'm writing, some information on generating combinatorial objects, and some of my favorite WWW sites. Enjoy!
Question: My mathematical friends tell me I'm a computer scientist; my computer scientist friends tell me I'm a mathematician. What am I?
Answer: A computational combinatorist? Below are some publications; you decide.


Painting of a salmon by Jennifer(Jenn) Ruskey (can you spot the curves of the Venn diagram?)

Selected Publications

Many of my more recent publications are online and can be downloaded.

My Students

I have had the pleasure of supervising many excellent students over the years. Here is a list.

Get Your Free Objects Here

The Combinatorial Object Server allows you to obtain lists of combinatorial objects, including various types of permutations and combinations, set and numerical partitions, linear extensions and ideals of posets, trees, solutions to pentomino puzzles, and so on.

Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams are not entirely trivial. I produced an entire website about them, and the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics published it! Those two pretty circular designs at the top of the page are, in fact, newly discovered Venn diagrams. Latest version is here. The official ElJC version is here.

Cayley Graphs

Cayley graphs are of great interest to graph theorists and to discrete mathematicians in general. Together with my student Scott Effler, we have started to catalog small (if you consider 9! small) cubic Cayley graphs according to Hamiltonicity, diameter, and smallest odd cycle. The link is

Recent and upcoming conferences with which I'm associated
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My Courses

My courses during academic year 2017-2018

My courses during academic year 2016-2017

My courses during academic year 2015-2016

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My courses during academic year 2012-2013

My courses during academic year 2011-2012

My courses during academic year 2010-2011

Older courses


Some greetings that I have sent out over the years.

[Picture of F. Ruskey]

Frank Ruskey
Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria
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