Algorithmic Solution of Two Combinatorial Problems

Frank Ruskey, Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria.



The main purpose of this page is to provide a convenient place for some scans of pages from my Ph.D. thesis. It was written using a IBM selectric typewriter (the ones where different "balls" were used to get different fonts and symbols) and lots of white-out. Most of the thesis ended up in publication in one form or the other in one of the following papers: Here are the page scans from the sections on ranking and unranking binary trees:

Committee: T.C. Hu (supervisor), James R. Bunch, Michael L. Fredman, Walter J. Savitch, and Stanley G. Williamson.

The corrected page 24 changes the while loop condition from m > 0 to m > 0 and adds two pairs of missing square brackets for the array references to left and right. My thanks to Antti Karttunen for noting these typos.

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