Students Graduated

    Doctoral Students

  1. Lior Malka, PhD, 2004-2008 (co-supervised with Kapron)

    Dissertation Title: A Study of Perfect Zero-Knowledge Proofs

    Employment: Senior Security Engineer, Trust, Airbnb, California, USA

  2. Gautam Srivastava, PhD, 2006-11 (co-supervised with Kapron)

    Dissertation Title: Graph Anonymization Through Edge and Vertex Addition

    Employment: Associate Professor, Brandon University, Canada

  3. Sean Chester, PhD, 2009-13 (co-supervised with Thomo and Whitesides)

    Dissertation Title: Representative Subsets for Preference Queries

    Employment: Assistant Professor, University of Victoria, Canada

  4. Cheng Chen, PhD, 2012-16 (co-supervised with Wu)

    Dissertation Title: Trustworthiness, Diversity and Inference in Recommendation Systems

    Employment: Data Scientist, Black Duck Software, Vancouver, Canada

  5. Khodakhast Bibak, PhD, 2014-17 (co-supervised with Kapron)

    Dissertation Title: Number Theoretic Methods and their Significance in Computer Science, Information Theory, Combinatorics, and Geometry

    Employment: Assistant Professor, University of Miami, Ohio, USA

  6. Fang Dong, PhD, 2013-17 (co-supervised with Wu)

    Dissertation Title: Copula Theory and Its Applications to Computer Networks

    Employment: Software Engineer, Fortinet, Vancouver, Canada

  7. Michael Simpson, PhD, 2014-18 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Dissertation Title: Efficient Misinformation Removal in Social Networks

    Employment: Postdoc, UBC, Vancouver, Canada

  8. Fatemeh Esfahani, PhD, 2016-21 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Dissertation Title: Dense Subgraph Mining in Probabilistic Graphs

    Employment: Data Scientist, Natural Resources Canada, Victoria, Canada

  9. Mahdi Hajiabadi, PhD, 2018-22 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Dissertation Title: Efficient Graph Summarization of Large Networks

    Employment: Machine Learning Engineer, Course Hero, Vancouver, Canada

  10. Yudi Santoso, PhD, 2018-23 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Dissertation Title: Mining Small Subgraphs in Massive Graphs

    Employment: Data Analyst, VIHA, Victoria, Canada

    Master's Students

  11. Gautam Srivastava, MSc, 2004-2006 (co-supervised with Kapron)

    Thesis Title: Pseudorandom Generators Using Multiple Sources of Entropy

    Employment: Associate Professor, Brandon University, Canada

  12. Manuel Tamashiro, MSc, 2005-2007 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Towards Practically Feasible Answering of Regular Path Queries in LAV Data Integration

    Employment: Business Intelligence Analyst at SAP, Vancouver, Canada

  13. Ying Ying Ye, MSc, 2007-2008 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Visibly Pushdown Transducers for Approximate Validation of Streaming XML

    Employment: PhD Student, University of Victoria, Canada

  14. Tyler Cadigan, MSc, 2009-11 (co-supervised with Ganti and Stege)

    Project Title: Performance Study of Hellinger Distance Based Intrusion Detection System

    Employment: Test Engineer, eTouch Systems, California, USA

  15. Cheng Chen, MSc, 2010-12 (co-supervised with Wu)

    Thesis Title: Battling the Internet Water Army: Detection of Hidden Paid Posters

    Employment: Data Scientist, Black Duck Software, Vancouver, Canada

  16. Jared Gaertner, MSc, 2010-12 (co-supervised with Stege)

    Thesis Title:Anonymizing Subsets of Social Networks

    Employment: Programmer Analyst, University of Victoria, Canada

  17. Michael Simpson, MSc, 2011-14 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Clearing Contamination in Large Networks

    Employment: Postdoc, UBC, Vancouver, Canada

  18. Wissam Khaouid, MSc, 2011-14 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Project Title: K-Core Decomposition for Large Networks on a Single PC

    Employment: Lead Full-Stack Software Developer, VIVA Lifestyle \& Travel Media, Vancouver, Canada

  19. Daniel Xia, MSc, 2013-16 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Project Title: On the Optimality of TeraSort in MapReduce

    Employment: Software Engineer, Arista Networks, Vancouver, Canada

  20. Thomas Hu, MSc, 2015-17 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Project Title: K-core Decomposition on Giraph and GraphChi

    Employment: QA Engineer, Sycle, Vancouver, Canada.

  21. Yudi Santoso, MSc, 2016-18 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Triangle counting and listing in directed and undirected graphs using single machines

    Employment: PhD Student, University of Victoria, Canada.

  22. Kamel Alrashedy, MSc, 2016-18 (co-supervised with Gulliver)

    Thesis Title: Predicting the programming language of questions and snippets of stack overflow using natural language processing

    Employment: PhD Student, Georgia Tech, USA.

  23. Jian Wu, MSc, 2017-19 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Graph-XLL: a Graph Library for Extra Large Graph Analytics on a Single Machine

    Employment: Software Development Engineer, Amazon, Vancouver, Canada.

  24. Tengkai Yu, MSc, 2018-20 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Project Title: Triangle Enumeration on Massive Graphs using AWS Lambda Functions

    Employment: PhD Student, University of Victoria, Canada.

  25. Paramvir Singh, MSc, 2018-20 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Fast and scalable triangle counting in graph streams: the hybrid approach

    Employment: Site Reliability Engineer, Clio, Vancouver, Canada.

  26. Jasbir Singh, MSc, 2018-21 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Project Title: Utility-Based Summarization for Large Graphs

    Employment: Data Scientist, BCI, Victoria, Canada.

  27. Anmol Mann, MSc, 2018-21 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Approximating 4-Cliques in Streaming Graphs: The Power of Dual Sampling

    Employment: Machine Learning Support Engineer, Weights and Biases, Victoria, Canada.

  28. Xiaozhou Liu, MSc, 2019-21 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Distributed enumeration of four node graphlets at quadrillion-scale

    Employment: Software Engineer, Google, Waterloo, Canada.

  29. Joe Howie, MSc, 2020-22 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Scaling Up Structural Clustering to Large Probabilistic Graphs Using Lyapunov Central Limit Theorem

    Employment: Software Engineer, VIHA, Victoria, Canada.

  30. Keanelek Enns, MSc, 2021-23 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder in fMRI Brain Scans

    Employment: Cloud Software Engineer, Axis Technologies, Victoria, Canada.

  31. Kazi Tabassum Ferdous, MSc, 2021-23 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: Brain network similarity using k-cores

  32. Hanieh Sadri, MSc, 2021-23 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: K-edge Connected Components in Large Graphs: An Empirical Analysis

    Employment: Software Engineer - AI Infrastructure, Huawei Technologies, Vancouver, Canada.

  33. Azadeh Mousavi, MSc, 2022-24 (co-supervised with Thomo)

    Thesis Title: K-edge Connected Components in Graphs

    Postdoctoral Students

  34. Rahnuma Islam Nishat, 2020-21

    Project Title: Hamiltonian Paths in Grid Graphs

  35. Michael Simpson, 2022-23

    Project Title: Misinformation Mitigation in Social Networks

    Undergraduate Research

  36. Ben Kimmett, NSERC USRA, Summer 2016

    Project Title: Fuzzy Joins in MapReduce

  37. Quinton Yong, NSERC USRA, Summer 2020

    Project Title: Graph Summarization using Weighted Locality Sensitive Hashing

    Current Students

  38. Tengkai Yu, PhD, 2020-