We are witnessing an exponential increase in the amount of data we generate at a point where our ability to process and understand data lags far behind the deluge of data we are faced with. The unstoppable data creation is accelerated at an unthinkable rate by the billions of users of popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo, that encourage users to post, upload, and comment about everyone and everything. Only at the time you are reading this paragraph, more than 100 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube, or millions of messages and pictures are taken and sent via smartphones. We are confronted with a formidable ocean of data, which we need to mine in order to improve our life, discover new knowledge, and better understand the world and complex phenomena.

This workshop aims to bring together people from both academia and industry to present their most recent work on data mining for big data, and exchange ideas and thoughts in order to advance the frontier of data exploration, mining, and understanding, thus uncovering hidden facts and patterns and turning the data into actionable knowledge.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: