Project: Distributed Regular Path Queries



Semistructured data is the foundation for a multitude of applications in many important areas such as information integration, Web and communication networks, biological data management, etc.

Regular path queries are the building block of almost any mechanism for querying semistructured data.

Our Project

Despite the fact that the main applications of such data are distributed, there are only few works dealing with distributed evaluation of regular path queries.

In this project, we investigate message-efficient distributed algorithms for computing answers to regular path queries.

Also, we investigate methods to make our algorithms fault-tolerant and to smoothly work in environments prone to process (or machine) failures.


  1. Alex Thomo (University of Victoria, Canada) (contact)
  2. Dan Stefanescu (Suffolk University, USA)
  3. Zhuo Miao (M.Sc. student, University of Victoria, Canada)
  4. Maryam Shoaran (M.Sc. student, University of Victoria, Canada)
  5. Chris Pearson (B.Sc. student, University of Victoria, Canada)


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