CSC 320: Foundations of Computer Science
Summer 2017

This page provides the links to useful resources for CSC 320 students. Additional resources are available on the course connex pages.

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Instructor: Dr. Wendy Myrvold

Office hours

Final exam tutorial: Sunday August 13, 3pm-6pm, ECS 116.

For the week after classes have ended I have office hours on:

Tuesday August 1: 12:30pm

Thursday August 3: 12:30pm

Friday August 4: 12:30pm

Office hours will end when students have no more questions. And as usual you can also get help by e-mail.

TWF 11:30am, TF 4:00, office hours end when all questions have been answered.

For these office hours, please let me know either at the end of class or by e-mail the day before what time you would like to come by so that I don't have to be there when nobody wants to see me.

Help is also available by sending me e-mail (, or by appointment. If you would like an appointment, send e-mail ( with the times you are available, and I will choose a mutually convenient meeting time. Note that I answer ALL e-mails from students taking my classes. If you do not get a response within a reasonable time, please let me know. Include 320 and an informative subject in your messages to me.

Course information- Index

  1. Official Course Outline.
  2. Unofficial course outline.
  3. Selected class notes
  4. Typos in our textbook.
  5. Practice Questions for Regular Expressions and DFA's: A JAVA based tutorial If you find any errors in model solutions or bugs in the program, then please let me know and I will give out bonus marks.
  6. Midterm Study Aid (Reading List for first half of course)
    It will be updated to show what you are responsible for on our midterm exam.
  7. Old Midterm Exams
  8. Final Study Aid
    I will update this near the end of term to reflect the material that we have covered this term.
  9. Old Final Exams
  10. Turing machine simulator with both text-based and visual interfaces.
    Please let me know if you enounter any difficulties with the code.


If you are sick or have family commitments when an assignment is due, then some options for assignment submission are:

  1. Ask a friend to hand it in. It is recommended that you place it in a large envelope which is sealed with your signature across the seal to avoid potential copying.
  2. Send e-mail to me: with an electronic copy. The e-mail is used to ensure the submission is on-time but you should also submit a paper copy when your health permits it.

On some browsers you may have to hit reload to get the latest version of a web page.

  1. Assignment #1: due Friday May 19.
  2. Assignment #2: due Friday June 2.
  3. Assignment #3: due Friday June 16.
  4. Assignment #4: due Friday July 14.
  5. Assignment #5: due Friday July 28.

Tutorial Questions

If you have any requests for tutorial practice questions, please let me know. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the course material at your tutorial. You may attend both tutorials if you need extra help.

  1. Tutorial #1: Tues. May 9.
  2. Tutorial #2: Tues. May 16.
  3. Tutorial #3: Tues. May 30.
  4. Tutorial #4: Tues. June 13.
  5. Midterm tutorial: Monday Jun 19, 6:30pm-9:30pm in ECS 123
  6. Tutorial #5: Tues. July 11.
  7. Tutorial #6: Tues. July 25.

Answers to some student questions

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