Saanich Minor Hockey Association Female Hockey Tournament

Senior AA women and Intermediate (ages 14-17) girls: come play ice hockey in Victoria, British Columbia April 10-12, 1998!


Call ((250) 361-1558) or drop e-mail ( to Bruce Tuck to obtain application forms or further information. The cost is $450 (Cdn) per team.

Applications should be mailed to:

Bruce Tuck
309-3277 Quadra Street
Victoria, B. C. V8X 4W9
The dealines imposed by B.C.A.H.A. are:
Outside Canada: January 5, 1998
Inside Canada: March 5, 1998
To ensure your team a spot, please send in an application as soon as possible.


The tournament has two divisions, Senior AA, and Intermediate (ages 14-17). Each division has 5 teams.


Each team plays a round robin within their division so everybody is guaranteed four 1.5 hour games. The top two teams from each division play in a 2 hour playoff game.


The first game starts Friday April 10 at 6pm and the last game finishes at 4pm on Sunday April 12. Senior and Intermediate games alternate in the schedule.


At Pearkes arena, in Victoria on Vancouver Island. The Victoria & Vancouver Island B.C. Travel Guide gives information on accomodations and how to get there. You may also want to look at the B.C. Ferries schedule if you are coming through Vancouver.

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