University of Victoria Department of Computer Science
 CSC 485-eh?: System Infrastructure Design & Construction Techniques,
...for geeks)

Dates and topics covered
1 Assignment 1, Building a PlanetLab service, is due Sept 28.

HEY! Alan Kay is giving his Turing Lecture at OOPSLA in Vancouver. (So cool -- road trip?)
  • 14-Sep: PlanetLab and Disruptive Technology [Peterson02], and Operating System Support for Planetary-Scale Network Services , Andy Bavier, Mic Bowman, Brent Chun, David Culler, Scott Karlin, Steve Muir, Larry Peterson, Timothy Roscoe, Tammo Spalink, Mike Wawrzoniak
    (Course project on PlanetLab? See me soon!)
  • 15-Sep: A Note [Kendall94] .
  • 17-Sep: Hints [Lampson83].
Preparing short (1 paragraph) summaries for these papers would be a great way to prepare for quiz 1 (Sept 29).
  • 21-Sep: What Traceroute is really doing.
  • 22-Sep: Intro to Aspect-Oriented Programming.
  • 24-Sep: More on AOP...
One stop shopping for AOSD and AspectJ.
  • 28-Sep: A1 Due!
  • 29-Sep: Quiz 1...
  • 1-Oct: What is research?
  • 5-Oct: Assignment 1: what an assortment!
  • 6-Oct: What is middleware? Project update...
  • 8-Oct: Project 3 pager due!!!
Anyone up for the IBM Linux Challenge?, Registration closes Oct 31.
  • 12-Oct: Projects!! ... and Assignment 2!
  • 13-Oct: AJDT and Assignment 2.
  • 15-Oct: Evaluation of AOP...
Assignment 2, Aspects of Spacewars!, Due Oct 22 (before class).
  • 19-Oct: Class Cancelled (time -> mini-conference!).
  • 20-Oct: Class Cancelled (time -> mini-conferenece!).
  • 22-Oct: Quiz 2, Assignment 2 due.
Quiz 2 is on AOP!
  • 26-Oct: Class Cancelled (time -> mini-conference!).
  • 27-Oct: JULIA LAWALL tells us about Bossa!!!
  • 29-Oct: LKMs, scheduling and Bossa verification.
Assignment 3 is on Bossa!. Be sure to check out the webboard!
9 OSDI is a top systems conference -- these papers are some of the best out there!
  • 9-Nov: Bossa Assignment Due, and Quiz 3!!
  • 10-Nov: Reading Break
  • 12-Nov: Reading Break
Work on your PROJECTS!!!
11 Work on your PROJECTS!!! 1 page abstract for publicity...
  • 23-Nov: PC Meeting...
  • 24-Nov: PC Meeting...
  • 26-Nov: Special Guests: Jan and Brian!

The International MOnster GaragE Conference (IMoGeC'2004)

Nov 27th 9am-5pm!
David Lam Auditorium
  • 30-Nov: NO CLASS! grades so far...
  • 1-Dec: Class Cancelled
  • 3-Dec: FINAL PROJECTS DUE by Dec 9 (Merry Christmas)!!!
Work on your PROJECTS!!!