Micaela Serra

Professor (Emeritus)

My office is in the ECS Building #609

Dept. of Computer Science
Tel. (250) 472-5769
Fax: (250) 472-5708
Email: mserra at uvic dot ca

I am now retired!

My research interests are in the more hardware-oriented areas of CSC: testing of digital circuits, hardware/software co-design, embedded systems, cellular automata. I also enjoy working in HCI for educational or assistive technologies, and I am always involved in issues at all levels with activities for women in the sciences.

I was born in Milano, Italy and immigrated to Toronto during my University years. I worked for years in banks and libraries, also studying part time for my B.Sc. in Computer Science which I obtained from the Univ. of Manitoba. I then returned to school full time for my M.Sc. and Ph.D. at UVic and have been a faculty member at UVic since 1987.

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