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R. Nigel Horspool

UVic Contact Details


Address: Dept of Computer Science 
University of Victoria
P.O. Box 3055
Victoria, BC, V8W 3P6

E-Mail: nigelh (AT) uvic.ca

Retired From UVic

My last day of work as a UVic professor was on 30 June 2016. No students are being accepted for supervision. My current title is now Professor Emeritus.
I still have an office at the university, but you will find me there at most one day per week. The only reliable way to contact me is via email.

Former Research Interests

  • Compilers and programming language implementation, especially Java implementation.
  • Lossless data compression.
  • An older research interest was string searching algorithms. There is an on-line animation of the Horspool string searching algorithm. (A simplification to the Boyer-Moore algorithm.)


Note that ARMSim# is a .NET program that can be run on Linux if the Mono implementation of the .NET runtime is installed. The Windows version supports dynamically placed docking windows whereas all windows are statically placed when run under Mono. Unfortunately, ARMSim# no longer works on Mac OS X. (The Mono libraries to support Windows Forms on Max OS X use the Carbon package for rendering and that package has not been updated to a 64 bit version.)