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R. Nigel Horspool

Retired From UVic

My last day of work as a UVic professor was on 30 June 2016. No students are being accepted for supervision. My current title is now Professor Emeritus and I no longer have an office at the university. The only reliable way to contact me is via email.

E-Mail: nigelh (AT) uvic.ca

Social: facebook


Former Research Interests

  • Compilers and programming language implementation, especially Java implementation.
  • Lossless data compression.
  • An older research interest was string searching algorithms. There is an on-line animation of the Horspool string searching algorithm. (A simplification to the Boyer-Moore algorithm.)


ARMSim# is no longer being maintained or supported. It emulates an obsolete 32-bit version of the ARM architecture (ARM7TDMI). If you really want to access its source code or use the program, you will find all the code on GitHub.