CSC 320, Summer 2017 Midterm Study Aid

This is an old midterm study aid that you can use for now as a reading list. I will update this when we get close to the midterm time to indicate exactly what you need to know for the midterm. You are also responsible for all material that has been covered on assignments.

  1. Study all of chapters 1, and 2, and sections 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 except: skip the ``If'' part of the proof of Theorem 2.3.2.
  2. The pumping lemma is stated in Theorem 2.4.1.

Proof Techniques and Introductory Mathematics.

Alphabets and Languages
Regular Languages
Properties of languages accepted by FA.
FA and Regular Expressions
Pumping Lemma
Context-Free Grammars
Regular Languages and Context-Free Languages

Regular Languages and Context-Free Languages

The cut off for the midterm material is here.


PDA's and CFG's.

Closure Properties.

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