Kui Wu: Professor, PhD (U. of Alberta), P.Eng.

Research Interests      Research Projects

My research focuses on network science, which is "the study of network representations of physical, biological, and social phenomena leading to predictive models of these phenomena." Analyzing big data from a networked environment, my current work applies theories and techniques of network science, including graph theory, machine learning, statistical inference, and data mining, to solve real-world problems. My research contributions can be grouped into the following themes:

Recently, I became interested in applying machine learning methods to the scheduling and control of complex systems, covering autonomous driving, IoT anomaly detection, and cloud resource scheduling.

Industrial collaboration: I have worked as either an industrial consultant or a research collaborator for the following companies:

Media exposure: Our work on "battling the Internet water army" has been broadly reported by MIT technology review, ACM TechNews, Time Colonist, Discovery News, the Atlantic, and more.

I was a software engineer with over 5 year's experience of commercial software development. Whenever possible, I still write code in python, c, and java.