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If you wish to publish reversible synthesis results on this web page, please attach the list of functions that you have as well as a separate machine-readable file for each of your designs in an e-mail to Dmitri Maslov. The pictorial representation and quantum cost calculation will be done automatically by our program. If your synthesis is done in a different (other than listed) model, please, send us the calculation of quantum cost and model description; we will do our best to make a fair comparison of your results to the posted ones. Finally, if you wish to write a few words on how did you achieve your results, you are also very welcome. Once the results are published, they will not be removed. The main criteria for publishing the result is absence of a better design in the sense that if your circuit has the cost count defined by the vector (x,y,z), which is garbage - gate count - quantum cost, there should be no design with cost vector (a,b,c) such that a<x, b<y and c<z which is already posted.