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This course covers graph theory and graph algorithms. It is especially relevant to students who will be using graph theory or graph algorithms in their research (e.g. networks, graphics, graph theory, data organization, data visualization, ...). Definitions will be provided for all material covered in order to make the class accessible to students with varying backgrounds.

Office hours:

For the week after classes have ended I have office hours on:

Tuesday August 1: 12:30pm

Thursday August 3: 12:30pm

Friday August 4: 12:30pm

Office hours will end when students have no more questions. And as usual you can always get help by e-mail.

For all of these office hours, please let me know either at the end of class or by e-mail what time you would like to come by so that I don't have to be there when nobody wants to see me.

TWF 11:30am, TF 4:00pm
Office hours end when all questions have been answered.

Or by appointment.

Help is also available by sending me e-mail (wendym@uvic.ca), or by appointment. If you would like an appointment, send e-mail (wendym@uvic.ca) with the times you are available, and I will choose a mutually convenient meeting time. Note that I answer ALL e-mails from students taking my classes. If you do not get a response within a reasonable time, please let me know.

Course information

  1. Selected course notes.
  2. Official course outline: CSC 422.
  3. Official course outline: CSC 522.
  4. CSC 422/522: Unofficial course outline.


  1. Assignment #1
    Written exercises: hand in on paper at the beginning of class on Friday May 19.
    Program: Upload to connex by 11pm on Friday May 19.
  2. Assignment #2: Due at beginning of class on Friday June 2.
  3. Literature Review: due on Fri. June 23 at 11:55pm.
  4. Assignment #3: Due at the beginning of class on Friday July 7.
  5. Assignment #4: Due at 11:55pm class on Friday July 21.
  6. Assignment #5: Due at the beginning of class on Friday July 28.
  7. Final Project Due at 11:00pm class on Sunday August 13.

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