CSC 422/522 Class Notes: Summer 2017

For a complete set of notes, please attend class or get notes from someone who attended. Only selected notes will be placed here.

  1. Introduction to CSC 422/522.
  2. Graphs.
  3. An algorithm for finding a minimum dominating set.
  4. Review of BFS.
  5. Clockwise BFS.
  6. Graph Isomorphism.
  7. Automorphism groups.
  8. A Canonical Form for Trees.
  9. Isomorphic independent sets.
  10. Planar Graphs.
  11. Preprocessing for planar embedding.
  12. Planar Embedding.
  13. Queen graphs
  14. Algorithms for finding a minimum dominating set: this research talk is available from connex under the resources section.
  15. Mathscinet
  16. Mathematical Writing for your survey paper.
  17. Maximum Flow Algorithm
  18. Using a maximum flow algorithm for vertex connectivity
  19. Crossing cuts and Gomery-Hu Cut Trees
  20. Example of a maximum flow problem
  21. Simulated annealing
  22. Tabu search

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