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Students and collaborators

UVic by rankings: http://www.uvic.ca/home/about/facts-reports/ranking/

For UVic undergrads: NSERC USRA and USRA opportunities, BCNET BIC, ACM ICPC, and UVic URS

If you want to do CSc/SEng 490 (Directed Studies) or CSc 499 (Technical Project) with me, drop by or make appointment for a meeting.

For UVic grads: CSc 591 (Directed Studies) is also available by arrangement. Also, MITACS ACCELERATE internship opportunities

For prospective grads: I am actively recruiting students who want to take graduate study at UVic. If you are interested in what I am doing (I highly encourage the applicants to take a look at my recent papers and my student's theses first) and/or you think I will be interested in what you are doing, please let me know by sending your CV and PS in PDF or TXT format through email with [app] included in the subject line. But if you are interested in graduate study at UVic, you will have to apply at UVic Graduate Admissions, so I can see your full documents (you can indicate my name if you want---finally we have an electronic system, and I can see your file easily---we now have many strong applicants ;-). Thanks.

Also consider our new and popular industrial Master's program!

For Canadian citizen or permanent resident (CPR), or international students interested in being nominated for Vanier Canada PhD Scholarship ($50K/year), please refer to Vanier and UVic procedures.

For CPR or international PhDs interested in being nominated for Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship ($70K/year), please refer to Banting and UVic procedures ($5K/year top-up).

For CPR students, also refer to NSERC PGS scholarship and PDF fellowship. For international students, also refer to NSERC IPS.

For students interested in being sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to study at or visit UVic, please refer to CSC-UVic MOU.

For students interested in being sponsored by the MITACS BC-India/China/Brazil Internship Program, please refer to MITACS Globalink.

Please refer to university and department admission guidelines, policies and deadlines.

If you are more interested in the communications side of the networking research field, please also check UVic ECE.

due to the number of inquiries we receive everyday, we can only respond to external inquiries at most once a week. sorry!

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