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Pointers to my research activities (graph theory, graph algorithms, network reliability, topological graph theory, and graph algorithms for chemistry), teaching, and other interests (ice hockey, skiing) are available from here.

I am an ice hockey fanatic.

Full Professor (B.Sc. McGill, 1983; M.Math. Waterloo, 1984; Ph.D. Waterloo, 1988)
Combinatorial Algorithms Group , Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria

Fall 2016 Teaching:

  1. CSC 425/520: Analysis of Algorithms, TWF 12:30-1:20pm in MacLaurin D 116, CRN 10846/10855.
  2. CSC 482/582: Topics in Algorithms: Tools for Research on Combinatorial Problems TWF 9:30-10:20am in Elliott 060, CRN 10849/10865.

Pages I maintain:

  1. Research
    1. Publications for Dr. Wendy Myrvold
    2. Research: Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms
    3. A Turing Machine Simulator
    4. Workshop on Computational Graph Theory and Combinatorics, May 6-8, 1999 in Victoria.
    5. Congressus Numerantium holdings.
  2. Personal
    1. Making Music Using Lego Mindstorms
    2. Red Bank High School Class of 1979
    3. Skiing at Mt. Washington

Contact information:
Dr. Wendy Myrvold

Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria
P.O. Box 3055, Stn CSC
Victoria, B. C. CANADA
V8W 3P6

My office (ECS 552): (250) 472-5783
E-mail is generally a lot more effective for reaching me than the phone.
FAX: (250) 472-5708 (ATTN: W. Myrvold)
E-mail: wendym@cs.UVic.ca

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